converting to electronic fuel injection

  • Hey, first of all, I'm new here and I don't speak german very well, but I enjoy browsing this forum using google translate. :D

    I'm considering converting my Audi 80 2.3 ng to EFI, instead of using the bosch jetronic, since it's starting to act up sometimes.

    But I also think it's kind of a shame to remove the jetronic since it's a part of the history of the car.

    There is a company called K-jet killers, which sells kits to do the conversion.

    what are your guy's thoughts, should I go for it or should I try to keep the jetronic alive?
    If any of you have experience in doing this swap I would also very much like to hear your thoughts on it.

    Btw. replaying in german is no problem, I will just translate it :)

  • Hi und Willkommen im Forum,

    sorry für das Schreiben auf deutsch. Ich hoffe, du kannst das ordentlich übersetzen :thumbup:

    Ich kann den Umbau sehr empfehlen, ich habe meinen 16V auf VEMS umbgebaut. Du kannst auch mal in meine Doku schauen.
    Ich kann dir aber das Kit von KE-Jet-Killers absolut nicht empfehlen!!! Das Steuergerät ist nicht programmierbar und funktioniert nicht sehr gut!

    Falls du so einen Umbau wirklich vorhast, suche dir jemanden, der da Ahnung hat. Baue dann lieber direkt auf EMU Black, VEMS oder MaxxEcu um, damit läuft der Motor dann tadelos.
    Der Umbau ist sehr schwierig und du solltest vorher schon wissen, wie eine Motorsteuerung funktioniert. Du solltest fit sein mit Strom und Sensoren, Aktoren und du solltest dafür wirklich viel Zeit haben.

    Prinzipiell kann man aber die originale KE auch gut reparieren. Dabei könnten wir dir sicher auch gut helfen.

  • Thanks a lot for the input.
    I bought my car with the intent to learn more about cars. I have already done some small repairs and learned a lot already. But I'm not skilled enough to do something like VEMS by myself, so I would have to buy help from a mechanic. which was also my intent, to begin with.

    It would be awesome if I could succeed in repairing my KE in such a way that it would run great again.
    unfortunately, I don't know enough to do so right now :(

    I Have been trying to learn more, so I could roll out parts that are not causing problems.
    but it is a bit difficult for me to use the search function in this forum because of the language barrier, so I usually end up browsing a lot of posts without getting smarter on KE.

    Do you have any suggestions on where I can find reading material on the KE system of my car?
    or maybe where to find an original repair manual?
    Any reading material that could help me better understand the engine, would be very much appreciated since I love this car so much.

    BTW it's an Audi 80 5 cyl 2.3 ng from 1994, if it helps to find more information. and your car looks really interesting I will definitely read the documentary :search:

  • i have some pdf but they are all in german. At the moment i´m looking for a way to convert the manuals in english. Or maybe in a format that allows you to autotranslate it.

    When you describe your problem in detail we could find a solution. So, whats the problem with your KE?

    The way I read your post i would not recommend a ECU-swap. I think you are not "fit" enough to do a step like this. No offense :beer:

  • I myself converted to the Invent-Jetronic. This injection system is
    similar in structure to the Ke-Jet Killer. However, this allows the fuel
    quantity to be changed in the full load range. I am very happy with
    this EFI and highly recommend it. Unfortunately, there may be
    problems with availability as Invent-Labs is based in Ukraine.
    Here is the link to this company.

    Sincerely, Chris

    Audi 80 B3 2,3E NG Frontfräse (Sommerspaßauto) :D

    KE-Jetronic :nono: Invent-Jetronic :thumbup:

    2X Audi A2 1,4 TDI BHC/AMF

    1X Audi A2 1,4 BBY


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